Providing expert services and training in cybersecurity, digital forensics, risk management, technology, and leadership.
Providing expert services and training in cybersecurity, digital forensics, risk management, technology, and leadership.

Natsar’s mission is to provide high quality and cost-effective expert advice, insights, training, and analysis to our clients, enabling them to make critical decisions, reduce risk, protect their digital assets and data, and discover the truth. Natsar is committed to making complex cybersecurity, digital forensics, risk management, and technology services accessible and understandable to our clients and executing our mission with integrity, precision, and competence while paying attention to the smallest of details.







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Natsar is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and dedicated to meeting our client’s needs. While we are a small business, we work with clients ranging from individuals to major corporations, federal agencies, and everything in between. 


Natsar, LLC is licensed by the New York State Department of State as a private investigative agency. This allows us to perform digital forensics, corporate investigations, cyber investigations, and assist attorneys with case evaluations, evidence reviews, and litigations strategies. We are also bonded and insured to provide confidence to our clients. Natsar’s principal also holds nearly two-dozen certifications in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and law enforcement.


Natsar brings nearly two decades of experience in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and information technology. Our experience includes protecting our nation’s nuclear weapons, commanding an FBI cybercrimes task force, providing expert witness testimony, consulting and advising small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and the US Military, protecting State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) governments from cyberattacks, and training thousands of individuals in topics ranging from technical to executive leadership.


At Natsar, we have an impressive resume of experience, education, certifications, and clients that we work with. We have been trusted to work in highly regulated areas as well as a decade of experience working in classified environments including Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) national security organizations. We have been trusted by individuals, small businesses, global corporations, federal agencies, and others to deliver value and results.


We take great pride in the quality of our work. Finding qualified and experienced professionals in our area of expertise can be very challenging and many businesses find it too costly or difficult to work with large consultancy firms. At Natsar, we enjoy being able to provide exceptional value without all of the overhead of our competitors – which allows us to be responsive and agile for our clients. Let us help you with standard tasks such as building a cybersecurity program or highly customized needs like developing and delivering specialized training.




We don’t like surprises and you probably don’t either. From the beginning of our relationship, we will keep you informed of the status, milestones, and deliverables. Whether it is with our budget and schedule or our findings, we will always be transparent. 



You can expect Natsar to always demonstrate an executive presence with a calm and professional demeanor. We strive to exude professionalism in every communication and work product.



Our staff understands information security and we will maintain your data and information as if it was our own. Natsar will honor your confidentiality and leverage all legal privileges and technological security measures necessary to maintain your privacy.



Natsar’s goal is to exceed your expectations. We not only want to add value to you or your organization, but add so much value that Natsar becomes your go-to provider and you share your experience with others.


To be the most trusted advisor of our clients because of our relentless pursuit of excellence, exceptional customer service, dedication to quality, and the confidence we instill in our clients.


U.S. Army
Information Technology Specialist

Whoa!! What an eye-opener and game changer! Looking forward to implementing this; so simple, yet so impactful!

U.S. Army
Knowledge Management Lead

Josh is always prepared and professional; he’s engaging and relatable.

U.S. Air Force
GS-15 Program Manager

I’ve heard from several members of my team who found the course beneficial and learned several techniques to improve their communication with Senior Leaders. I believe the goal of the course was achieved, many personnel who are relatively new to communicating with Senior Leaders have learned to tailor their delivery for improved results.

U.S. Air Force
GS-15 Director of Cyberspace Operations

Mr. Moulin presented an excellent brief, well spoken and easily understandable slides. Gave us a solid way forward.

U.S. Air Force
Program Manager

His briefing was presented in a well thought out and aligned method tailored to the audience.

U.S. Army
Cybersecurity Specialist

Course was just right in length relative to content delivered. Very helpful workshop.

Children's Advocacy Center
Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center, we invite Josh twice a year to present at our Advocacy Community Training. I strategically put Josh on after lunch when people usually want to take a nap, because I know that he will keep them riveted to their seats for one hour. He knows his stuff and he presents it with clarity and passion. He is the highlight of the training for all who attend according to our evaluations. Most say they wish he could have spoken for two hours!

National District Attorneys Association
Senior Attorney

Every time Josh Moulin has presented he has been fantastic. The only complaint that has ever been registered against Josh in any of the seminars which he has presented was that he was not given enough time.

National District Attorneys Association

Josh Moulin needs to be given more time to speak on his topics, because he has been the best speaker on the most relevant topics all week.

National District Attorneys Association

Awesome! Awesome again! Excellent presenter. This guy is an incredible presenter – can you clone Josh?

National District Attorneys Association
Senior Attorney

Thank you for presenting at the Unsafe Havens I conference in Chicago, Illinois. Your presentations on Technical and Legal Defenses, P2P Investigations, Emerging Issues with Forensic Evidence, Cell Phone Forensics, Tracking Wireless Technology, and Direct Examination of a Computer Forensic Expert were instrumental in making Unsafe Havens I a big success.

National District Attorneys Association
Senior Attorney

We would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to the training of our prosecutors at Unsafe Havens I in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Feedback from prosecutor participants at this conference was uniformly positive. Several indicated that this was one of the best training courses that they ever attended.

Oregon Department of Justice
Chief Investigator

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Josh Moulin for a very professional presentation at the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) quarterly sharing meeting. ICAC member affiliates appreciated Josh taking the time to share the how-to of setting up and operating a regional lab.

City Government
Deputy Chief of Police

Today Mr. Moulin did a presentation for our city council and executive staff. Mr. Moulin was poised, professional, and extremely competent. He presents in a manner that even those that are obviously less experienced in the world of computers and information technology can easily follow along. Mr. Moulin’s presentation was powerful, informative, and in regards to the crimes against children in our community – shocking. He is quite obviously well educated, articulate, experienced, and has a passion for what he is doing.

National District Attorneys Association
Senior Attorney

Josh Moulin is nationally recognized as an expert in the field of computer facilitated crimes against children. Based on his experience and preeminence in the field, I am writing to request that Mr. Moulin be available as a faculty member at our training course. We would be asking him to lecture on the topic of Technical & Legal Defenses and to participate in a direct examination demonstration of a computer forensic examiner/investigator. We would be honored to have Mr. Moulin participate in this important endeavor.

National District Attorneys Association

This was one of the best courses I’ve attended. I feel comfortable with the motions and trial but wanted to know more about the forensics, forensic trial testimony and combating legal defenses. This course was very helpful to me.

Parole and Probation Department
Parole/Probation Officer

I called Mr. Moulin for assistance after my client was expelled from a local community college for behaving inappropriately with a female student. My client admitted to making numerous text messages to this female and I received his consent to search his cell phone. Mr. Moulin did an exhaustive examination of my client’s cell phone and then prepared a lengthy and highly professional report which included helpful information including photos and phone contacts. Careful review of sex offenders in the community is of huge importance to my department.

City Government
HR Director

Earlier this month, I faced a particularly difficult challenge when I needed to conduct a disciplinary investigation involving computer use and interview employees about technical matters for which I am not well versed. You stepped in and conducted the interviews and collected and examined City equipment, which made a significant difference in the information obtained from the investigation. Your combination of interviewing skills, investigative abilities, and computer knowledge provided a thorough, effective, and accurate investigation of the personnel matter.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union
Labor Representative

Mr. Moulin was assigned to conduct computer forensics on city equipment. His investigation resulted in obtaining critical information that led to two employees voluntarily resigning their positions with the city. His efforts also brought to light problems that need to be addressed to assure that the integrity of the Information Services Department is not compromised in the future. His investigation provided me with critical information to properly advise my client as to their options.


Our daughter received threatening emails which went way beyond teenager pranks. Mr. Moulin was able to take our information and determine a responsible party. He obtained a confession and the school was able to take over from there. Please pass along our special thanks to Mr. Moulin.

Fire District
Board Member

A 16 year-old boy went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by high school staff using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The local fire chief was scrambling to find someone with the ability to download the AED data and ultimately went to Mr. Moulin. With assistance from Moulin, the data was downloaded and provided to the boy’s doctors. They apparently already decided to release the boy, but upon reviewing the AED data, they readmitted him and implanted a defibrillator – as it was apparent he had a life threatening heart rhythm. Had they not received the AED data provided by Moulin, the boy may very well have been released without a defibrillator and could have died.

Cleared Defense Contractor
Chief Financial Officer

For the first time in our history, computer forensic evidence from Mr. Moulin has been used in legal hearings and provided proof of employee misconduct. To date, 100 percent of our cases have resulted in successful resolutions for our company, potentially saving thousands of dollars in unemployment and other legal claims.


blocks-image-87 (Demo)
Digital Forensics Case Study: Rogue IT

Organizations place a tremendous amount of trust in their Information Technology (IT) staff, but often lack anyone in senior leadership positions that are technical enough to provide proper oversight. While most IT employees and organizations are trustworthy professionals, like anything else, there exists a possibility for fraud, waste, and abuse.

Making a Risk-Based IT Change Management Process

A key component to any successful and mature Information Technology (IT) team is a disciplined change control process.  Few things are more frustrating to a CIO than having a service affecting outage and not being able to immediately identify recent changes to the environment.

mobile phone with facebook on screen
Conviction Overturned in Vermont Due to Social Media Authentication Challenges

In order to use social media evidence in a criminal trial, attorneys must ensure that the evidence is properly acquired and authenticated. As this case from Vermont highlights, evidence must be introduced to sufficiently prove that social media content can be attributed to a party.

screenshot of chrome database
How DNS Prefetching and Preloading Can Lead to Incorrect Conclusions

Coding used by web developers to improve the user experience (UX) of web browsing can cause data to be stored within a user’s device without the knowledge or interaction of the user. An untrained digital forensic analyst or a person reviewing the results of a forensic analysis that lacks proper context may make incorrect assumptions about a user’s activities.

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