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Strategic Cybersecurity Consulting & Advisory Services

With decades of experience, Natsar provides tailored cybersecurity consulting and strategic leadership advisory services to help you safeguard your organization and achieve your business objectives.

Strategic Cybersecurity Consulting & Advisory Services​

With decades of experience, Natsar provides tailored cybersecurity consulting and strategic leadership advisory services to help you safeguard your organization and achieve your business objectives.



Our consulting services encompass a wide range of strategic solutions, from in-depth evaluations of IT and cybersecurity programs to providing expert guidance on performance enhancement and risk management for C-suite executives and boards.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services empower leaders with strategic insights, both in times of stability and during crises. We guide CISOs, boards, governments, and startups in mastering cybersecurity and risk management, while also offering executive coaching to current and aspiring CISOs and CIOs.

vCISO Services

Enhance your cybersecurity maturity with our vCISO services, delivering top-tier expertise and strategic oversight. We help fortify your security strategy and ensure it aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and priorities, enabling informed decision-making and proactive risk management.

Meet Natsar's Principal

Josh Moulin brings over two decades of elite cybersecurity expertise and strategic leadership to Natsar. With a robust track record in government and private sectors, Josh has held significant roles including Senior Vice President at the Center for Internet Security (CIS), CISO and CIO within the U.S. Department of Energy nuclear weapons program, an Executive Partner at Gartner, and a commander of a law enforcement cybercrimes task force. In these high-stakes environments, he not only drove critical security initiatives but also provided high-level strategic advice, helping some of the largest organizations in the world navigate complex IT, cybersecurity, leadership, and risk management challenges. Known for his technical expertise, business acumen, and strategic insight, Josh is globally recognized as a trusted advisor frequently called upon to guide companies and governments around the world on advanced cybersecurity solutions and leadership strategies.


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Natsar Helps Advance Cybersecurity Resilience Across the Caribbean

Natsar, in collaboration with CGA, CARICOM and USAID, is helping to develop the Cyber Resilience Strategy 2030 to strengthen cybersecurity across Caribbean nations. This initiative focuses on identifying vulnerabilities, enhancing incident reporting, and building a cohesive framework for cyber defense. The strategy aims to safeguard the Caribbean’s digital infrastructure against global cyber threats and bolster the region’s cyber resiliency.

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Cover slide for Amuni Financial Webinar

Amuni Financial Partners with Natsar for Cybersecurity Webinar

Join Amuni Financial and cybersecurity expert Josh Moulin in a live webinar on February 22, 2024, to learn how to navigate online scams and protect yourself from cybersecurity threats. Register now at to gain invaluable insights into safeguarding your financial interests.

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Recent Insights from Natsar


Critical Vulnerability Discovered in XZ Compression Utility

A critical vulnerability was discovered in the XZ utility, affecting versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1, with a severe risk rating of 10.0. This backdoor allows unauthorized administrative access, posing a significant security risk. Immediate action, including patching and enhanced monitoring, is essential. Researcher Andres Freund’s discovery highlights the urgent need for vigilance in open-source software security.

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Making a Risk-Based IT Change Management Process

A key component to any successful and mature Information Technology (IT) team is a disciplined change control process.  Few things are more frustrating to a CIO than having a service affecting outage and not being able to immediately identify recent changes to the environment.

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This image shows items associated with emergency preparedness. In the foreground, there is an 'Emergency Preparedness Checklist' clipboard with a yellow pencil resting on it. Behind the clipboard are batteries, presumably for the red flashlight that lies in front of a bottle of water. To the right, there are other emergency supplies, including a rolled-up beige bandage and items labeled 'Emergency First Aid.' The items are arranged on a wooden surface, suggesting a state of preparation for an emergency situation. The overall impression is one of readiness and organization for potential emergencies.

Building a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Offsite Response Kit

Natsar’s blog post on building a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Fly-Away Kit is an essential read for professionals in the field. It offers a comprehensive guide, complete with a shopping list of necessary equipment. This detailed post covers the selection of tools, software, and hardware, emphasizing legal compliance and operational efficiency for effective offsite incident management in digital forensics.

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