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vCISO Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Advisory Service

In today’s digital landscape, no business, nonprofit, or organization is immune to the threat of cyberattacks. This risk is particularly pronounced for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), which often find themselves targeted not for lack of importance but due to perceived vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity defenses. These vulnerabilities stem from a common challenge: the high cost of hiring experienced cybersecurity professionals and implementing robust cybersecurity technologies.

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60% of SMEs go out of business within six months of a cyberattack

Considering the average annual salary for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in the U.S. exceeds $240,000, plus the additional investment in necessary cybersecurity infrastructure, it’s clear why many SMEs might struggle to adequately protect themselves. However, this doesn’t mean effective cybersecurity is out of reach.

Our virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service offers a solution that bridges this gap. By providing top-tier cybersecurity expertise on a flexible, cost-effective basis, SMEs can now afford the same level of protection and strategic insight as larger organizations. Our vCISO service ensures your enterprise is not only protected against the latest cyber threats but also compliant with evolving regulations and poised to manage cyber risks proactively.

Don’t let budget constraints compromise your cybersecurity posture. Discover how our vCISO services can fortify your defenses, streamline compliance, and safeguard your business’s future. Contact us today to learn more.

How our vCISO Service Helps Organizations


Ensure your business complies with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, CMMC, and NYSDFS 23 NYCRR 500

Cyber Assessments

Assess your cybersecurity maturity against standards such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, CIS Controls, CMMC, ISO, and others

Advisory Services

As your vCISO, we are an extension of your team. We can work with internal stakeholders and external providers

Risk Management

Natsar will help you identify, track, reduce, and mitigate your organization's information security risks


Users pose the greatest cyber-risk to your business. Use Natsar to provide relevant awareness training to your staff

Specific Projects

Natsar can assist you with specific projects. For example, migrating to the cloud, implementing new security solutions, or making a vendor selection

How we Engage with Clients

Risk management matrix chart with pen and keyboard

Our clients engage with us in several ways. Organizations seeking a dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) typically contract with Natsar on a retainer basis, ensuring a guaranteed number of hours per month for a year. For specific project-related tasks, such as conducting a risk assessment or overseeing cloud migration, we offer both hourly and fixed-fee contracts tailored to the project’s needs.

Natsar collaborates closely with your internal IT and cybersecurity teams, if available. If you outsource IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we also ensure seamless cooperation with them.

Why Choose Natsar?

Cybersecurity transcends IT; it’s a critical business issue. At Natsar, we leverage over 20 years of cybersecurity and executive leadership experience to serve as the trusted advisors to our clients. Our versatility allows us to delve into complex technical details or simplify those concepts for a Fortune 500 board of directors, framing discussions in terms of business impacts, value propositions, and organizational risks.

Our primary goal is to empower clients to achieve their mission-critical priorities. By enhancing cybersecurity programs, we not only mitigate risks and minimize reputational damage but also bolster brand trust and drive revenue growth. Our approach is centered on elevating the cybersecurity maturity of our clients with unwavering focus and precision.

We are meticulous, collaborative, and reliable, trusted with the most sensitive information. Our staff has offered consultancy services worldwide and held prestigious positions such as CIO and CISO within the U.S. Federal Government, Executive Partner at Gartner (the leading global IT advisory firm), and senior executive roles at the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a globally recognized nonprofit known for the CIS Controls.

Natsar stands out in the cybersecurity landscape, bringing a unique blend of education and hands-on experience to our customers. Our expertise is even sought after globally, to assist countries in developing robust cybersecurity frameworks and incident response strategies.

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