Technical Assistance to Attorneys

Digital evidence and technology is often involved in criminal and civil cases, regardless of the type of case. Natsar is available to help attorneys with technology related questions and challenges during all phases of a case from the initial investigation to post conviction relief or appeal.

Below are some examples of how Natsar assists attorneys, however if you don’t see the specific need you have, please contact us as this is certainly not an all inclusive list.


Examination of Witnesses
Examining or cross-examining a witness or expert can be difficult unless the attorney understands the technology and forensic artifacts at issue in a case. Natsar can help develop examination questions and key themes to draw out important evidence for the fact finder.
SWOT Analysis of Digital Evidence
In cases where digital evidence plays a major role, it is important to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of a case. Natsar can help attorneys understand the significance of findings and potential defenses or ways to counter defenses.
Presenting Evidence
Presenting digital evidence in court can be challenging and Natsar's staff has done it many times. We can assist with deciding what is the most powerful evidence, how to present it in a legal hearing or trial, and how to present highly technical facts to the layperson in an easy to understand manner.
Second Opinion
Due to Natsar's advanced training and experience we often get involved in the most complex cases when the stakes are high. We can review reports and artifacts available from your expert or an opposing expert and provide an unbiased expert opinion.


Training & Education
Need to talk through something with an expert? Questions arise frequently about the significance of a forensic artifact, how systems communicate, technical defenses, etc. We can help you navigate these complex topics through the on-demand training and research on our website, or via virtual personal or group sessions.
Preparing for a Deposition
Natsar is available to help lawyers craft deposition questions for opposing experts or witnesses in matters involving technology, digital forensics, or cybersecurity. We can also assist with preparing your witness for a deposition that will involve technical questions.
Input for Legal Documents
Natsar's staff have been cited in several legal arguments as experts in digital forensics and cyber matters. We frequently help attorneys draft production orders, subpoenas, search warrants, preservation letters, discovery requests, public record and freedom of information requests, and motions.
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