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Natsar Helps Advance Cybersecurity Resilience Across the Caribbean

Natsar, in collaboration with CGA, CARICOM and USAID, is helping to develop the Cyber Resilience Strategy 2030 to strengthen cybersecurity across Caribbean nations. This initiative focuses on identifying vulnerabilities, enhancing incident reporting, and building a cohesive framework for cyber defense. The strategy aims to safeguard the Caribbean’s digital infrastructure against global cyber threats and bolster the region’s cyber resiliency.

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Cover slide for Amuni Financial Webinar

Amuni Financial Partners with Natsar for Cybersecurity Webinar

Join Amuni Financial and cybersecurity expert Josh Moulin in a live webinar on February 22, 2024, to learn how to navigate online scams and protect yourself from cybersecurity threats. Register now at to gain invaluable insights into safeguarding your financial interests.

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