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Businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and religious organizations are sometimes faced with the need to conduct an internal investigation. Often, organizations may have organic resources within their human resources (HR) or legal departments that can perform such investigations, but not always. Depending on the individuals involved in an investigation, the nature of the allegations, or the skill-set of internal staff, an organization may find themselves in a position that requires obtaining outside assistance.

  • Computer and Network Intrusions (Hacking)
  • Cyberstalking
  • Employee Misconduct Involving Technology
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Insider Threats
  • Investigations of Information Technology (IT) Staff or Organizations
  • Investigations Requiring Digital Forensics
  • Serious Allegations of Misconduct
  • Theft of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Violations of Cybersecurity Policy
  • Violations of Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Natsar is licensed as a private investigative agency by the state of New York and our staff has over a decade of state and federal law enforcement experience. Although we are based in New York, we can travel as necessary for our clients. In addition to criminal investigations, our staff has experience conducting numerous administrative investigations. We treat every investigation with the same rigor and discipline as we do criminal investigations and it has proven to be a good strategy time and time again. Whether we uncover evidence that exonerates or sustains allegations, our fact-based, unbiased, and professional approach gives our clients confidence.

Our investigations may lead to employee discipline, up to and including termination. Sometimes that disciplinary action is contested and Natsar must testify in employment hearings before an administrative law judge. With our expert witness experience in serious criminal cases, we have the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary to articulate our findings and opinions to a finder of fact.

Services Natsar Provides in Corporate Investigations

Digital Forensics AND EDISCOVERY
With the experience and certifications to back up our work product, you can trust Natsar to perform professional and technically competent forensic analysis of digital evidence. Organizations often ask for digital forensic analyses of desktop and laptop computers, servers, tablets, cell phones, and removable media during investigations. Natsar can also collect digital evidence from information systems, devices, and the cloud as well as from third parties (such as call detail records from a cellular provider).
Digital forensics may be necessary to prove or disprove an allegation. Sometimes the technology has nothing to do with the allegation itself but may contain evidence (e.g., text messages between two parties about an incident that occurred) or the technology may be the instrumentality used to commit an alleged violation (e.g., looking at inappropriate material at work or stealing corporate secrets). Other digital forensic use cases include the need to acquire and preserve electronic items due to a litigation hold or eDiscovery request. While Natsar doesn’t specialize in eDiscovery reviews, we can forensically acquire digital evidence and information to be sent to a special master, law firm, or other organization.

Example questions that employers ask that may be answered by digital forensics:

  • Did my employee email a proprietary file to a competitor?
  • What text messages were sent between employee A and employee B?
  • Did my employee have pictures on their cell phone taken within an area that cell phones are not allowed?
  • What kind of websites has my employee be viewing at work?
  • Is my employee using work assets for their own personal gain?
  • Can the employee’s phone place the employee at a particular place at a certain time?

Conducting a skillful and fruitful interview of a witness, victim, or the subject of an investigation is an art. Natsar’s staff has been interviewing individuals for nearly two decades, ranging from homicide suspects to individuals standing accused of a violation of corporate policy. We understand how to work collaboratively with HR and legal counsel to ensure all involved parties have their rights protected while we seek the truth. We also have experience navigating complex employment law matters and understand when statements can be compelled, how to work with union representation, and how to leverage our digital investigative findings during an interview.

Most importantly though, just like in criminal investigations, we always come in to every case with an open mind and we are not persuaded by individual agendas or organizational politics. We treat everyone we contact with dignity, respect, and professionalism while striving to maintain privacy in these often highly sensitive and emotionally charged matters.


Organizations may reach out to Natsar for ideas on how to handle an allegation or what evidence may be present in a certain case. We can also help to ensure digital evidence is preserved correctly, before it is accidentally or intentionally deleted. Natsar is available to walk through steps via phone or video conference that should be taken with organizational leadership and IT personnel or contractors. Natsar can also review investigative findings from other investigators to offer a second opinion or a fresh perspective.

One major concern of employers as they begin an investigation is how to protect their organization. For example, how can they be sure that the employee isn’t stealing data during the investigation, or if the employee is suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, how do they make sure the employee cannot remotely access data? Natsar can help with practical steps to keep the organization and data secure.



Read the impact that digital forensics can have on employment investigations:

For the first time in the history of our company, computer forensic evidence has been used in legal hearings to prove employee misconduct. 100% of the time we have used you, our cases have resulted in successful resolutions for our company, potentially saving us thousands in legal claims.

~ Chief Financial Officer, U.S. National Security Federal Contractor

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