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Starting a career in cybersecurity can be challenging, even though there are roughly 600,000 cyber job openings in the United States alone. Many find it difficult to know what career path is right for them and their skillset, what education and certifications they should possess, how much money they can expect to make, and how to work with recruiters and ace their interview to become the selected candidate and land the job.

For individuals who have been working in cybersecurity and want to move into roles of more responsibility or a different domain, they also find it challenging to get the promotion they seek or make the decision whether it is best to stay at their current organization, or move to a different employer in order to make the move they are interested in.

At Natsar, our staff have helped hundreds of people with questions like this. Our clients have included people with no experience looking to break in to the field of cybersecurity to retiring senior military officers looking to take their military experience to the private sector. We’ve helped people land their dream job as well as getting promoted to become a CISO, VP, Director, or other senior role.

Our expertise comes from nearly two-decades of experience in cybersecurity, holding various roles including CIO, CISO, Senior Vice President, CIRT Lead, and others. In past positions, we have hired and promoted many people in the field of IT and cybersecurity and as the hiring manager, we know what people are looking for in candidates, how to write effective resumes, and how to give a great interview.

Starting Your Cybersecurity Career

If you are just starting your cybersecurity career journey, think of Natsar as your career coach. We will give you honest and constructive feedback and help you in a number of ways. As your coach, Natsar will offer our knowledge, advice, and guidance from our own experience to help you accelerate your results. We will also challenge you to think differently, ask powerful questions, and help you improve any gaps we discover as part of our process.

Here is what we typically help clients looking to get into the cybersecurity field with during career coaching consultations:

  • Resume help, including writing a resume and tailoring resumes for technical roles
  • LinkedIn profile feedback and best practices
  • Social media and web presence analysis
  • Getting clarity on strengths and weaknesses
  • Aligning a candidates strengths, weaknesses, goals, and interests with career tracks and finding open opportunities to consider applying for
  • Interview tips, including conducting mock interviews and providing feedback

There are many career paths for a cybersecurity professional to consider. If you don’t already know what path you are pursuing, Natsar can help you decide what roles may be best for you based on your skills, education, and interests. We have helped people find positions in roles such as:

  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Digital forensic analyst
  • Incident response analyst
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Policy analyst
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Penetration tester / ethical hacker
  • Vulnerability management

When we work with a client who is trying to get into a cybersecurity role, we use our experience of recruiting for and hiring cybersecurity professionals to position our clients to be highly competitive. Natsar will look through your online presence just like a recruiter or HR professional will to make sure there are no red flags. We will also give tips on how to create or improve professional social media pages like LinkedIn so recruiters will find your profile and want to reach out to you.

As we get your social media and web presence ready to be reviewed by your future employer, we will also help you create a professional resume that will not only be effective toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Resource Planning (HRP) systems that scan resumes and make initial decisions on if you should be considered further, but also will impress hiring managers.

The goal is to get past the automated systems and above the noise and get on the shortlist – one where you talk with a recruiter and land an interview. We will help you get prepared for the different interview types to expect; introductory calls, technical interviews, cultural fit interviews, and the final interview. We’ll give tips for in-person and virtual interviews and will even do a mock interview on video to get you as prepared as possible.

Advancing in Your Career

Making the transition from technical expert to a position in leadership is often a challenge for cybersecurity professionals. We have helped clients moving from an individual contributor role like incident responder to managing an incident response team as well as experienced managers moving to executive-level positions such as vice president of information security or chief information security officer (CISO) roles. These executive level positions require a balance of technical skill, political savviness, business acumen, and leadership to be successful.

Natsar will help you prepare for future leadership positions, whether it is your first formal leadership role or you have been a leader for years. At Natsar, we have decades of experience in leadership roles ranging from team lead to senior vice president, CIO, and CISO roles and we know that being a leader is a journey that can be hugely rewarding, but also difficult and challenging at times. We will help you prepare to be a strong candidate for leadership positions, discussing your career path and goals, reviewing your resume, and helping practice for interviews.

Our staff have helped clients in a number of ways, ranging from one or two sessions to focus on particular areas to creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and having regular coaching sessions.


Take your leadership development to the next level by enrolling in our leadership assessment program. Offered as a standalone product or incorporated with our career coaching, we offer a 360-degree assessment or a leadership skills assessment that clients have found extremely valuable.

All leaders have areas they excel in and blind spots. Our clients get anonymous and confidential feedback from the assessments we administer and find it to be some of the most impactful feedback they have ever received.

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